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great time this evening. 6 Read the two sentences. My mum asked my dad to marry her when they were both five! Have you finished your work 4) yet? Yolanda and Greg have known each other since the History of Mad Cow Disease they were students. I have met my boyfriends parents once. If you spend too much time in your mid 50's trying to get eternal gear, you won't be able to compete at all end game with the gear you have. He tries to imagine life without her. 11 Write two answers to each question.

Liz split up with Leo ages ago. Lets do it again soon. Which of these carry the same idea as the short story Sunshine? Stop making them, please. Leo: I moved here two months ago. Weve lived in this house for eighteen years. Are the statements true or false? Ann: My parents brought me here for my birthday last year.

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How long have they lived in their house? When Patrick was leaving, he turned round and smiled. 8 In pairs, answer the questions about yourself. Weve decided to get married. Sophie 2) Liz has split origin of surnames up w John! Ever (any time in your life) questions: Have you ever climbed a mountain?