honor Killings in America

honor killing, the woman or girl has no choice but to accept the marriage. "Yemeni girl, 15, 'burned to death by father. 196 Yemen edit Honor killings are common in Yemen. Noors father, Faleh Almaleki, disapproved of her American lifestyle (wearing jeans, posting on MySpace) and dreams (marrying for love).

Retrieved "Reward offered for Lewisville cabbie wanted in daughters' deaths". Seeking a divorce edit A woman attempting to obtain a divorce or separation without the consent of the husband/extended family can also be a trigger for honor killings. 135 A highly publicized case was that of Shafilea Iftikhar Ahmed, a 17-year-old British Pakistani girl from Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, who was murdered in 2003 by her parents.

A b Goonesekere, Savitri (2004). 178 Saudi Arabia edit In 2008 a woman was killed in Saudi Arabia by her father for "chatting" with a man on Facebook. Archived from the original on 22 September 2008.

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Retrieved "Pakistan rejects pro-women bill". "Cultural dialogues in the good society: The case of honour killings in Sweden". 76 Similar to honor killings, crimes of passion often feature the murder of a woman by a husband, family member, or boyfriend and the crime is often condoned or sanctioned. 246 According to women's rights advocates, the concepts of women as property, and of honor, are so deeply entrenched in the social, political and economic fabric of Pakistan that the government mostly ignores the regular occurrences of women being killed and maimed by their families.". Retrieved "Number of Honor Killings in Europe Higher Than Thought". 183 184 The mass migration during the past decades of rural population from Southeastern Turkey to big cities in Western Turkey has resulted in relatively more developed cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa having the highest numbers of reported honor killings. Noors mother supported him, saying, You are not a criminal. Retrieved "Ama un italiano, Sanaa uccisa dal padre". However, in many places, adultery and other "immoral" sexual behaviors by female family members can be considered mitigating circumstances in case when they are killed, leading to significantly shorter sentences.

261 262 Honor killings have become such a pressing issue in Canada that the Canadian citizenship study guide mentions it specifically, saying, "Canada's openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, 'honour killings female genital mutilation, forced marriage. Org Retrieved 06/03/12" (PDF).

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