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survivors took two small boats out into the sea. In the same year Estevo Gomes, a Portuguese cartographer who had sailed in Ferdinand Magellan's fleet, explored Nova Scotia, sailing South through Maine, where he entered New York Harbor, the Hudson River and eventually reached Florida in August 1525. "The Age of Discovery" in The Challenge of American History,. Asia, contagion (Health; Medicine; Science-Technology;.S. 172 Phillip II of Spain defaulted on debt payments in 1557, 1560, 15The increase in prices as a result of currency circulation fuelled the growth of the commercial middle class in Europe, the bourgeoisie, which came to influence the politics and culture of many countries. During the last decades of the Ming the flow of silver into China was greatly diminished, thereby undermining state revenues and indeed the entire Ming economy. Columbus also explored the northeast coast of Cuba (landed on 28 October) and the northern coast of Hispaniola, by 5 December. The perspective of the world. Spain put limited efforts into exploring the northern part of the Americas, as its resources were concentrated in Central and South America where more wealth had been found. King John II of Portugal 's experts rejected it, for they held the opinion that Columbus's estimation of a travel distance of 2,400 miles (3,860 km) was undervalued, 90 and in part because Bartolomeu Dias departed in 1487 trying the rounding of the southern tip.

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Young prince Henry the Navigator was there and became aware of profit possibilities in the Trans-Saharan trade routes. Gutierrez, Ramon A, and Richard. Northern European involvement (1595 17th century) In 1570 (May 20) Gilles Coppens de Diest at Antwerp published 53 maps created by Abraham Ortelius under the title Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, considered the "first modern atlas". After a few decades, hostilities between the Portuguese and Chinese ceased and in 1557 the Chinese allowed the Portuguese to occupy Macau. Cultures Languages Across the Curriculum (1 credit). Between east and west: the Moluccas and the traffic in spices up to the arrival of Europeans. The Portuguese bought Chinese silk and sold it to the Japanese in return for Japanese-mined silver; since silver was more highly valued in China, the Portuguese could then use Japanese silver to buy even larger stocks of Chinese silk. In 1518 Velzquez gave the mayor of the capital of Cuba, Hernn Corts, introduction to the stste of English in Iran the command of an expedition to secure the interior of Mexico but, due to an old gripe between them, revoked the charter. A b Merson, John (1990).