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they can reduce the number of final products instructors have to grade. Appendix A: encouraging self-awareness and reflection in group work saint Anselms Arguments on The Existence of God One of the most important things you can do as an instructor is to have students reflect regularly on their group experiences. Find common goals and expectations related to the task. Consult the CTE teaching tip sheet Meeting Strategies to Help Prepare Students for Group Work for additional suggestions. He needs a couple of spoonfuls of the wet food and his bowl filling up with dry food. In fact, group projects can and often do backfire badly when they are not designed, supervised, and assessed in a way that promotes meaningful teamwork and deep collaboration. Active listening is a communication technique that to be honest can sometimes sound a little silly. Plan and manage time, refine understanding through discussion and explanation. This is where you get to know your group members, pre-empt problems, set goals and objectives and formulate a working strategy. Lets be honest: the one biggest fear most of us have about group work is that we will get someone in our group who is either lazy or incompetent, and we will be judged (and marked!) on the standard of their work rather than our.

An important aspect of your university studies is the opportunity to work as part of a group.
Group working is used at university because it can be an effective and.
Increased productivity and performance: groups that work well together can achieve much more than individuals working on their own.
A broader range of skills.
Image shows a group working on a collage.

What are the benefits of group work?
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Why work in Groups?
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The benefits of group work

If youre part of a cereal company trying to decide on which new product to introduce, its logical to involve the CEO, someone from accounts, someone from marketing and someone from your cereal development team in the decision; everyone has different knowledge and skills. Jims going to be walking him, so you dont need to worry about that. Support : Group members demonstrate support for one another as they accomplish their goals. What differences make a difference? Try active listening, were the instructions clear enough for you? Cohesion emerges as group members exhibit the following skills: Openness : Group members are willing to get to know one another, particularly those with different interests and backgrounds.