analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robery Frost

would misunderstand the meaning and their confusion even amused him. New York: George Braziller, 1986. Really about the same.". "Edward Thomas, Robert Frost and the road to war". Robert Frost: The Work of Knowing. Happy 140th birthday, Robert Frost you're totally misunderstood. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press. And looked down one as far as I could.

Analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robery Frost
analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robery Frost

At the end of the third stanza and in the fourth, however, the speaker resumes his initial tone of sorrow and regret. New York: Peter Lang, 2003. Though in almost every line, in different positions, an iamb is replaced with an anapest. 4 It is one of Frost's most popular works. The popularity of the poem is largely a result of the simplicity of its symbolism: The speaker must choose between diverging paths in a wood, and he sees that choice as a metaphor for choosing between different directions in life. Not how the above paraphrase-as-summary turns into more or less word-for-word recital of Frosts words in those final few lines of the poem. Robert Frost and the Challenge of Darwin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1996.

analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robery Frost

A summary of a much-misunderstood classic poem The Road Not Taken is one of Robert Frosts most famous poems.
It appeared in his first collection, Mountain Interval, in 1916; indeed, The Road Not Taken opens the volume.

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