healing The Pain Of Crime

- IF IT discovery of the Northwest Passage IS IN your highest good. It was then that I realized I had a choice. Say That is not MY truth. Perhaps it is time for him to transition back to the Spirit world. When you hear about a scandal, or government issue, or statistic of some sort, that implies thing are getting worse- counter it! I asked Archangel Michael to stand guard of them and to assist them in enduring this journey. I still dont watch the News.

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Learned and Controlled Crime, The Pains of High School, The Problem in Teenage Violence and Crime,

So I took a deep breath in and exhaled my human (ego-based) emotions. And the answer left me speechless. I was sitting in a cafe with my kids and the news was on several TVs there. If you do watch the News, and are going to continue to do so, perhaps consider shifting the focal point; from one of fear to one of hope. Possessed by spirits of crime, the wound she'll leave won't heal. As a mother, my first instict was to feel the pain of the mother, and disgust towards anyone who would do that.