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a daily basis! Do you have problems with your posture, your wrist, the quality of your sound, your health, your repertoire, or maybe you have a certain fear sales And Marketing that you cant overcome by yourself? The good news is that we can make such a lifestyle come true we just need to have an open mind, to let go of stereotypes and not be afraid to look at familiar things from new, unexpected angles. It doesnt have to be a serious, scientific, 100 piano-related question. This page will be dedicated to your questions! Is there something you need help with? Facebook, Twitter and, google to stay updated!

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Are you worried about a certain piano issue and you cant find a satisfying solution? I also have a big dream: to create a community of pianists and musicians (professionals and amateurs) who are willing to look at their practice and their career from a new perspective in order to make their musical experience as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. I will also place an easy-to-access link to this page on the right sidebar of my site so youll be able to ask questions as often as you want! Whats frustrating you about your practice? At the same time, some of your comments contained interesting questions which have guided me in choosing the subjects for my recent posts. No matter what it is, well explore it together! Have an inspired day and enjoy extreme Environmental hazards in NorthKorea every step of your piano quest! I will try to focus my future articles and videos (yes, videos are coming soon!) on these questions. Since I created this website about one year ago, I have received many wonderful comments from you guys thanks a lot for your support! It may touch other aspects of a musicians life physical exercise, diet, attitude, motivation, balance, concentration, exams, philosophy, history of music, etc.

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