macbeth Response

the strong Lady Macbeth who helped him through the first murder, but in sacrifice to controlling Macbeth and his conscience, she lost control of her own and consequently became insane and committed suicide. Lady Macbeth, who is ruthless beyond comprehension, refuses to accept Macbeth's decision. Malcolm will go to England and, to be extra cautious, Donalbain will go to Ireland. Macduff re-enters, screaming that the King has been slain. They also tell Banquo that even though he will never himself be king, he will beget future kings of Scotland. Games in Shakespeare's England A-L Games in Shakespeare's England M-Z An Elizabethan Christmas Clothing in Elizabethan England Queen Elizabeth: Shakespeare's Patron King James I of England: Shakespeare's Patron The Earl of Southampton: Shakespeare's Patron Going to a Play in Elizabethan London Ben Jonson and the. She, however, thinks herself not as compassionate as her husband, and when a messenger arrives with word that Duncan plans to visit Inverness, she is overjoyed that the opportunity to murder the King has presented itself so soon.

Act 2, Scene 1, the night falls over the castle at Iverness. Lady Macbeth is the first to greet Duncan and his court. Banquo goes so far as to say that the "temple-haunting martlet" does approve of the castle and its sweet smelling fresh air. The Witches address Macbeth as Glamis, Cawdor, and King of the Scots. Macbeths character is physically strong and mentally weak, and it is this weakness that instigates the downfall and change of Macbeth, whereas Lady Macbeth seems to be quite the opposite of her husband. However, he is still afraid and he asks her "If we should fail?" (i.53). Lady Macbeth walks in on her husband and sees the indecision on his face. With ambitious thoughts racing through his mind, Macbeth again finds himself lusting after the crown: "Stars, hide your fires/Let not light see my black and deep desires" (1.4.50-1). She fears that they have awoken the guards and she confesses that she would have killed the King herself if he did not resemble her own father. Lady Macbeth tells him to "consider it not so deeply" (2.2.30 but Macbeth can focus only on their screams and the frightening realization that, when one cried "God bless us! Act 1, Scene 3, the Witches meet on the dark and lonely heath to await Macbeth. The two whisper about the deed and Macbeth nervously recounts the cries each man made before he stabbed them.

Macduff and Lennox are at the doors, arriving to visit King Duncan. (2.1.62-4) Act 2, Scene 2 Lady Macbeth has drugged Duncan's guards and she waits in her chamber for Macbeth to commit the murder. They do have something to add, not about Macbeth, but about Banquo. Macduff proceeds to the King's chambers while Lennox tells Macbeth about the fierce storm they encountered on their journey to Inverness.