frankenstein: the real monster

32 Stitch, the main protagonist of Disney 's Lilo Stitch franchise, was somewhat influenced by the monster, as he was created by a scientist from miscellaneous alien DNA. "404 - California Medical Association". In 1946 it was adapted as a 30-minute drama on the program Favorite Story. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has also faced "Frankensteinian" creations. The lyrics of T'Pau 's 1987 song " China in Your Hand " reference Frankenstein. This film features actor Gary Conway as an actor playing the Teenage Frankenstein in a film.

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The series was scrapped, largely because of the two companies's disagreement over what the basic thrust of the series would. In an episode of the cartoon series The Venture Bros., entitled " Viva los Muertos! 9 Hammer Films edit In Great Britain, a long-running series by Hammer Films focused on the character. A wheel-chair-bound Nazi scientist and Japanese doctor plan to transplant said Nazi scientists brain into Captain Americas body. Having successfully done so, his creation becomes the monstrous "Bat-Man a hulking figure in a rough analogue of the Batman costume who preys upon highwaymen, similar to the one who took the lives of the (this story's) parents of Bruce Wayne. In Dragonball, young Goku befriends a cyborg named Number 8 (whom he nicknames Ha-chan) who was similar in appearance to Frankenstein's monster. And The Impossibles, a boy scientist Buzz Conroy and his father Professor Conroy fight supervillains with the aid of a powerful heroic robot named "Frankenstein." who is like a mix between " Gigantor " and Frankenstein's monster. Mewtwo of the Pokmon franchise has been likened to Frankenstein's monster in regards to being born through an artificial means and discontent with the fact. Frankenstein, MD Archived June 4, 2006, at the Wayback Machine. The children's animated series Arthur has an episode depicting a reenactment of the night the novel was created.

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