capitalism vs. democracy

comes before individual living. This poisonous brew makes democracy intolerant and capitalism illegitimate. The conflict is distributive: a contest between the accumulation and concentration of wealth on the part of the capitalists and the demand for the redistribution of wealth on the part of workers and their families. Capitalism stands for private property. Widely shared increases in real incomes played a vital part in legitimising capitalism and stabilising democracy. Democracy is a form of government made by the people.

Difference between Democracy and Capitalism, democracy What is the difference between capitalism and democracy

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Development of U.S. Democracy 1820 - 1840
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Piketty has produced the chart at Figure 1 to illustrate his larger point. The Piketty diagnosis helps explain the recent drop in the share of national income going to labor (see. On the contrary, the evidence is of growing inequality and slowing productivity growth. People choose their own representative to run for the government. In the immediate post-war period, very few countries had democracy.

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