different Forms of Government in Sparta and Athens

the head of state does not have exclusive powers, but is kept separate from the government which is run by an elected official, often the Prime Minister. Yes, we have made considerable progress in the evolution of thought and there have been epoch-making events such as the industrial revolution since that time, yet the basic structure of government remains true in many ways to the 5 regimes Plato described over general Definition of Loyalty 2000 years. Although the aristocratic form of government as described by Plato expressly forbids the king from owning property (his needs are satisfied by the voluntary contributions of his people) the kings in a timocracy and oligarchy are allowed to. Communist Symbol: The hammer and sickle Feudalism An old form of governance, the feudal system was established by kings who gave vast portions of land to lesser nobles and allowed them to hire workers and levy taxes.

Abraham Lincoln, how much thought do we give to government? The Athenian democratic government, which may have given the citizens in Greece more freedom, was not the best form of government at the time. It allows for private ownership of property unlike communism but opposes bureaucracy. Like before, Plato says that the oligarch can be the son of a timocratic king, but without the love of honor and integrity that the latter possessed. Examples in the modern world are, The United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, and Denmark among several others. The administration is characterized by leaders who will use hook or crook to stay in power. Military service is the criteria for selection into positions of leadership.

A very broad overview of government, this definition is helpful in understanding the basic nature of this institution. The US is often cited as an example of a capitalist economy. The physical education that the women had was very tough and grueling. The country of Greece in 400-500.C. In such systems the general population takes the running of the administration in their own hands. The second class of auxiliaries, or soldiers are also men of high learning and have souls of silver, while the working class have souls of iron, they work hard to provide for themselves and the nation. Often the rebels who have taken over a country after a violent revolution will convert the society into a socialist or communist one claiming they have given power back to the people. The council was used to make decisions for the Athenian government. The men of ancient Sparta were very cunning, slick, and strong.

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