a Plastic World

expeditions collected over a six-year period from across all five sub-tropical gyres, coastal Australia, Bay of Bengal, and the Mediterranean. So this full build by our friends at Andy's Hobby Headquarters will be useful. From painting to weathering and winter camo. Weathering the Hellcat F6F-3 in 1/48 scale. Available for Android phones and Android Tablet. Grit Comparison Chart, i didn't know that not all the ways to express the grit are the same. Advanced Tips: Rivet Decals application, if you want to try the rivet decals, this is a very detailed, 3 parts video tutorial. Almost everyone who eats fast food is familiar with the frustration of trying to squeeze every last drop of ketchup out of the small packets that accompany french fries. What are the impacts of miniature plastic particles on fish and crustaceans? Researchers study microplastic pollution effect on ocean ecology.

A Plastic World
a Plastic World

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New research confirms scientists' predictions that microplastic pollution could severely affect marine biodiversity and the health of our oceans. Social is here to stay! If you do not own yet an airbrush and are planning to buy one, this video can be very useful. Plos ONE by Marcus Eriksen from Five Gyres Institute and colleagues. Connect and Collaborate more efficiently with the. Thanks to MM Scale Models for this video. The Malaspina Expedition, led by the Spanish National Research Council, have demonstrated that there are five large accumulations of plastic debris in the open ocean that match with the five major twists of oceanic surface.