the Fall of the House of Usher2

which ultimately leads to the unravelling of his d each painful step of his deterioration is recorded in detail by a Persuasive Speech his faithful childhood companion. He seems to have a good heart in that he comes to help a friend from his childhood. After the narrators arrival she takes to her bed and falls into a catatonic state. And he and his sister are the last of a long line of descendants.

And the narrator who is slowly but surely contracting the disease, wants to deny what he sees, hears, and senses. There are sections in the story where different forms of art; a painting and a poem, are introduced. Roderick seems to realize his mental state and makes every effort to hold on his sanity. Roderick is overcome by the fear that he is experiencing and it affects every aspect of his life. Rodericks state worsens throughout the story as he becomes increasingly restless and unstable, especially after the burial of his sister. Episode 2:, a terrible revelation leads to a night of death and destruction - what is Roderick's terrible secret? In his observations of Usher he concludes that his friend suffers from an acute mental disorder. The Fall Of The House Of Usher: Imagery And Parallelism Essay, Research Paper. Poe begins the story by placing the narrator in front of the decrepit, decaying mansion of Roderick Usher. Poe uses several literary devices, among the most prevalent, however are his morbid imagery and eerie parallelism.

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