the Seventh Sign

finger. View All Audience Reviews, the Seventh Sign,"s. Jesus leaves, but not before telling Avi to remember the events he has witnessed and write them down for future generations. There are no approved"s yet for this movie. In California, housewife Abby Quinn is pregnant and the delivery is scheduled on February 29, a leap year.

Abby manages to reach the others before a Modell of Christian Charity the execution occurs, but when Lucci sees her, he steals a gun from one of the guards and attempts to kill Jimmy himself. Meanwhile, Abby rents a garage apartment to the mysterious David Bannon. Haiti and a devastating freeze in the. Audience score, average Rating:.1/5, user Ratings: 16,617. Middle East, and at each of these locations, a mysterious traveler (. Russell Quinn, a criminal defense counsel, and his emotionally fragile wife, Abby, are anxiously awaiting childbirth; Abby has vivid, haunting dreams. Abby leaps in the way of his shots and is wounded, and the guards shoot Lucci, but they are unable to save Jimmy, who is killed by a shot to the head. This act of faith ends the apocalypse.

Vatican tasks Father Lucci peter Friedman ) with investigating these events, though Lucci advises that they are all either hoaxes or have other explanations. The signs of the apocalypse continue to unfold, eventually causing a giant storm.