the Great Napoleon Bonaparte

in the ranks. In 1795 the Directory took control of the country, a power it would it assume until 1799. In April of that year, he dictated his last will: "I wish my ashes to rest on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of that French people which I have loved so much. Napoleone Buonaparte, napoleon, napoleon, i Full Name, napoleon. Sometimes his victories were crushing - such as Austerlitz in 1805, often cited as the greatest military victory ever - and on other occasions, he was either very lucky, fought almost to a standstill, or both; Wagram stands as an example of the latter. By 1817 Napoleon s health had been deteriorating and he showed the early signs of a stomach ulcer or possibly cancer. Early Career, the Corsican Misadventure, despite being posted on the French mainland, Napoleon was able to spend much of the next eight years in Corsica thanks to his ferocious letter writing and rule bending, as well as the effects of the. A man is not dependent upon his fellow creature, when he does not fear death. The 100 Days and Exile Undoubtedly bored and aware of the continuing discontent in France, Napoleon made a sensational return to power in 1815. Bonaparte forged new states in Europe, including the German Confederation - built from the ruins of the Holy Roman Empire - and the Duchy of Warsaw, whilst also installing his family and favourites in positions of great power: Murat became King of Naples and Bernadotte.

Military promotion also followed, but Napoleon became opposed to Paoli and when civil war erupted in 1793 the Buonapartes fled to France, where they adopted the French version of their name: Bonaparte. It was a humiliating loss, and on June 22, 1815, Napoleon abdicated his powers. In the military realm, he masterfully adapted existing tactics and made maximum use of the technology of his time and Europes improved network of roads. Nevertheless, it is possible to attempt a small summary on his character: Napoleon may not have been a general of utter genius, but he was very good; he may not have been the best politician of his age, but he was often superb; he may. By that time, Napoleon had ruled France and surrounding countries for twenty years. His chief of staff, Louis Alexandre Berthier, who was as much a master at handling logistics as Napoleon was a master of battlefield tactics, ably aided him. Before leaving for his new position he married Josephine de Beauharnais, whose husband had been guillotined during the Reign of Terror.

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