important Role of the Parents to His Children

his own position into another's position to be able to enact that other role. For example, the daughter gets more awareness about how her mother feels about and reacts to the role of the daughter. Blatner, Adam and Blatner, Alec (1988) The Foundations of psychodrama. On an on-going basis let your child know where to get support, and encourage them to communicate with the relevant person(s). First of all, role reversal helps the protagonist to feel and understand the other role and how it reacts with its environment. Children receive 28 hours formal instruction each week in school, for the remaining 140 hours they are in your care. Some grandparents become caught up in taking sides in a marriage break-up and get into kids ears, bad mouthing the other parent.

Diane Priestley reflects on how her own parents had loving input. Therefore, it is only natural that the role of computers in education has been given a lot of importance in the recent years. Yet the most important role of a parent, that of raising the child, is deserted.

8 :116, the second reason is that role reversal helps the protagonist observe himself as if in a mirror. Confused kids will benefit from the stability they offer. (1974) Psychodrama: theory and Therapy, New York: Behavioral Publications. 2 6 7, function edit. Gershoni, Jacob (2003) Psychodrama in the 21st Century: Clinical and Educational Applications, New York: Springer. This technique enables the protagonist and auxiliary to demonstrate the problematic situation that is perceived by the protagonist. Its important for grandparents to stay neutral in the battle zone and simply provide a refuge. On a weekly basis. 8 :1167, the last reason is that role reversal helps an auxiliary ego understand how a specific role that he is going to play will be perceived by the protagonist.

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