the Affects of Alcohol on the Body

do is also slower. Your risk of harm from alcohol is high if you are a man drinking over 50 units a week, or a woman drinking over 35 units a week. Because of the large amounts of stomach juices produced, greater amounts of alcohol dull the appetite and can cause malnutrition. Your mood when you start drinking coupled with the expectations you have of the evening significantly contribute to how the alcohol affects your body. However alcohol does not occur in the body naturally. Even for a man and woman who weigh the same, alcohol metabolism will be faster for a man because a mans weight includes more fools and Kings water than a woman. People are positive that a certain alcohol makes them social, or more sensual, or tired. The top shelf choices often contain fewer congeners than your less expensive brands, because the premium and ultra-premium liquors often undergo a more meticulous distillation process thus removing more of the congeners. The short-term effects of alcohol appear within the first few hours of drinking and up to a day or two after you stop drinking. It couldnt possibly be all in our heads? .

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It can can squeeze your organs, it can also release harmful chemicals into your blood and this can lead to cardio vascular disease, diabetes 1 and even dementia2. Men and women metabolize alcohol very differently. "That's why people talk about having an increased tolerance to alcohol, because the liver has adapted to cope with. After this it's broken down into fatty acids, carbon dioxide or water, all of which the body likes. To start our investigation, it's important to know the alcohol in beer, wine, and liquor is all the same. Chronic and binge drinkers may be more susceptible to infections including tuberculosis and pneumonia. When the stomach has food in it, particularly food high in protein, the rate of alcohol absorption is slowed but not stopped. You get a reduction in your executive function, so judgement, your decision making.