religion and Sarah Grimke

of Friends (Quakers who had liberal views on slavery and gender equality. In the end, she addressed the group three different times for a total of more than six hours. The McIntosh County (Georgia) Shouters Entry on the ring shout and its performance by this group, with photographs, in the online New Georgia Encyclopedia. She had strong opinions especially on the story of creation. Lott Cary in "Life of Jehudi Ashmun, Late Colonial Agent in Liberia" (Gurley, 1835 biography of Elder Lott Cary, Late Missionary to Africa (Latrobe/Taylor, 1837). Sarah relented, and they left Charleston for the north in May, 1819. Susanna Wright, Hannah Griffitts, Susan. Capitol, and one tentacle reaching for the White House. Religious Music: The African Roots m Overview with images and audio clips; part of an NEH seminar project "North by South: The Great Migration." Grave Matters: The Preservation of African-American Cemeteries ml Includes discussion of slave burials and west African traditions, from SciWay (South Carolina's. 8 During his visits back home, Thomas continued teaching Sarah new ideas about the dangers of Enlightenment and the importance of religion. Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (bbkl) (in German).

Euthyphro: Religion and a Theologian
Gender roles and Popular religions
Was there an Elizabethan Settlement of Religion?

In this letter to her friend. Therefore a content-based search is time-consuming but well worth the effort. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press. American Memory collection of the Library of Congress. 2 During the Civil War, Sarah wrote and lectured in support of President Abraham Lincoln. Angelina Grimke gave her first speech in December 1836 in New York City, and then the sisters began a speaking tour of the Northeast, delivering speeches in 67 cities in 23 weeks. The two remained close friends throughout their lives. To read a sample of narratives that describe slaves' religious practices and experiences, go to the Narrator list State list to access these narratives: Charlie Aarons (Alabama, Vol. Only a reform paper praised her without qualification: It was a noble day when for the first time in civilized America, a Woman stood up in a legislative hall, vindicating the rights of woman. Online resources include: African American Religious Experience m Brief helpful overview in the online Encyclopedia of Religion and Society, from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford Seminary, Rhode Island.