romeo and Juliets New Ending

start a big fight and finally is resolved by the prince. Once more, be careful, all men depart." Every family that has daughters now don't let their children go outside because they are scared of the dangerous group of bandits. He has escaped the danger to inform the prince. S minions And that it does. A joyful day after all, finally comes. Romeo is a lover, he cannot fight well so everything depends on Benvolio now. Promoted stories, you'll also like.

He's the only person who can make her life feel worth it all along. Paris And where be the bodies of Juliet and Romeo? And so begone or thou shalt meet thy fate! A sleeping potion of thine own creation Was to be her relief Though I writ to Romeo biding him to come hither To awake the sleeping Juliet this night, Fail did he to receive. Can vengance be pursued further than death? Under the starry night, from the emotions that can't be controlled by the two lovers, Romeo catches an eye on the lovely maiden Juliet. The sword is on Benvolio's neck. The house of Capulet is having a feast.