a farewell speech

the wisdom and the guidance of virtue. They were our seniors who have fulfilled our all the demands in the hostel when we were new comers. Farewell speeches for teachers, school, boss, colleagues, friends, or saying good bye to coworkers. I would like to express my feelings to my seniors who are going today by leaving. As we all know that, today is the farewell party of our seniors.

A Persuasive Speech, A Final Farewell To Romeo and Juliet,

It seems that we met yesterday and getting separated very soon. All the speech on farewell are well worded especially to mark the significant departure of someone. I aspire that you have enjoyed the music, dance and other cultural activities. It is very hard to say them goodbye however we have to say because it is our responsibility to see them off very happily. I would like to welcome you at this farewell party of my seniors. We were together for long time of 3 years in this college and enjoyed a lot many moments.

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