critical Analysis: The Man Who Was Almost a Man

is able to keep the gun, put it under his pillow that night, and take it with him when he leaves to work on Jim Hawkinss plantation early the next morning. The force that Richard Wright critiques in this story is the social structure of black. Dave feels that he is destined to be just like Jenny even stating, "They treat me like a mule, n then they beat." (Wright) Even though the death of Jenny is accidental, it can showcase Dave's unconscious desire to get. Many African Americans where stuck plowing lands for white owners with little compensation just like Dave in the story. Davids father has a small appearance in this short story, but this appearance makes a strong comment on the relationship between the family. Dave is a slave to history. Even though African Americans had tried to get equality and economic leverage in the 19th century, it did not become a movement until the 20th century. A common theme in the story is lying. Wright was simply saying that it is important to know who one is otherwise its as if one is dead. Dave also thinks that the gun would give him independence that he doesn't have.

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This could also be shown to portray a refusal to accept the ways that his family and ancestors had been pushed into poverty and had hope and promise taken away from them. Frustrated by being young, poor, and black, David Glover wrestles with the tension of wanting to be an adult yet being viewed as a child by the adult community. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. Start 48-Hour Free Trial to Unlock. He feels he is destined to be just like the rest of his family. Yes they were free but they were still lacking opportunities. In Freudian terms, naturalist literature is written to show how the id has the upper hand over the superego and the ego. We kin use it political themes and film Sears Catalogue in the outhouse(Wright). David does not feel comfortable going to a store owned by a white person and it causes him to feel uncomfortable.

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