technology - Decline of Human Dignity

too should be regarded as disposable. Fuller analyses of the roots of human dignity may be found in Josef Seifert, What is Life? On this view old age ceases to be an ineluctable challenge to self-transcendence and becomes a "problem" to be solved by will-power aided by medical science and technology. (Sura 2, Verse 30). (Whether certain forms of radical environmentalism will translate into hostility to human biotechnology remains to be seen. The most clear and present danger is that the large genetic variations between individuals will narrow and become clustered within certain distinct social groups. Please subscribe or login to access full text content. Those ends are not rigidly determined; human nature is very plastic, and we have an enormous range of choices conformable with that nature.

Human values are eroding at a very fast rate resulting in a decline in the quality of life. The eventual decline of the total population would be accompanied by significant. Many cannot see that it goes with the recognition of human dignity. Human, dignity, aND freedom These are fundamental values in the world of Judaism and, today in the.

Many are the occasions on which divine addresses are directed in the Koran to people who understand; people who have knowledge, and people who reflect. Man is greater than the sun (for example) which he has gone so far in the glorification thereof as to worship.

On Human Humor and Irony

God is not the Lord of the Jews alone, or the Christians alone or the Muslims alone. Many embrace this power, under the banner of human freedom. There are Muslim countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Mauritania and Djibouti, who expressed their reservations in general terms, saying that they do not subscribe to any article which conflicts with Islamic sharia. True freedom means the freedom of political communities to protect the values they hold most dear, and it is that freedom that we need to exercise with regard to the biotechnology revolution today. The most significant aspect of the growing percentage of elderly people in the population is the marked increase in those aged 85 and over. Say : The Truth is from your Lord. Until now, the left has on the whole been opposed to cloning, genetic engineering and similar biotechnologies for a number of reasons, including traditional humanism, environmental concerns, suspicion of technology and of the corporations that produce it, and fear of eugenics. We do not have to accept any of these future worlds under the false banner of liberty, be it that of unlimited reproductive rights or of unfettered scientific inquiry. For some time now economic support for the elderly has been perceived to be a critical issue for societies which have had systems of welfare provision for the elderly. And none will grasp the Message except men of understanding (Sura 3, Verse 7).

Technology - Decline of Human Dignity
technology - Decline of Human Dignity