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entirety of Oceania, as well as Eurasia and Eastasia under a constant stress, stopping any other society from forming. The proles take up about 85 of the population in airstrip one, and probably all of Oceania, yet they are just seen as another resource to the party, they are like cattle, just a supply of labour thats easy to control. The above preview is unformatted text. Every aspect of life is observed and controlled and for 74 years children have been forced to kill one another with very little opposition or rebellion. This also affects men also since there are certain expectations that they have to live. There is clear divide as two distinct societies form, the Free Zone, a democratic society under the selfless Mother Abigail and the totalitarian war society led by the blatantly evil Randal Flagg. In 1984 the society controls the entire lives of all party members, and limits the lives of the proles.

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how is society portrayed in

I also think Bennet has helped us to learn from our reactions and opinions, as we have seen how selfish we are with opinions and need time to consider them more and change them. The Stand which describes the rebuilding of society after a virus kills 99 of the worlds population. Both aspects of humanity are represented by Stephen Kings post-apocalyptic novel.

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Graham's mother also appears anti-racist as she comments on the vicar's trainers. It focuses on the life of Winston who is trying to rebel against the totalitarian society he lives. Another similarity between the two societies is the conformity that people had to have, they had to fit in and be a nobody. The media and entertainment icons especially, hold a strong influence on women's perspective on themselves, especially teenage girls who are going through the awkward stages of their life. While she's making millions of dollars from touring and selling albums, she's influencing the vulnerable minds of women and their perception of themselves. But what about the society in the kite runner, well at the start the society seems quite fair, you have Amir in a nice big house, living in the Wazir Akbar khan district, the wealthy part of Kabul, he goes to school, people are generally. But then, when the Taliban gain control of the society it turns to being very similar to that of 1984, the Taliban seem to emphasise the role of Pashtuns being the one in control and the Hazaras are treated worse than before. Only party members count as the society, the proles dont even have their own society as they have no sense of self awareness or thought, they are the dumb masses. The media, entertainment icons, and school cooperatively the Philosopher John Rawls exhibit and promote gender assimilation, although there are certain standards that men and women must live. Some novels show human beings as power-thirsty individuals who use the circumstances to control their fellow humans while other people are more submissive and aim to better the lives of those around them. A good example of this is with Terry. All of us consume the media in one form or another the media sends us images that we consciously or subconsciously absorb, and create a picture in our minds of "reality the way we believe things should.

how is society portrayed in

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In 'The Bell Jar Plath successfully portrays a very vivid image of a 1950s society where women were limited, people were shown to have.
Society is shown not to challenge what happens to the sexy girl because they disapprove and the majority of the audience seem to be accepting how women should.

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