danger Behind the wheel

that the x-ray laser will shortly put paid to any problem it may pose. He also learns that not everyone has been fitted with the transistors on their necks to protect them against mind control. He is blocking out anything other than business as usual. Leo cannot tell that Flannigan is taken over and reveals their need to get to the power room. It picks up a box of bernalium rods and carries it out of the loading bay. Jamie grabs the Doctor and hauls him back to the cabin, closing and locking the door. Even if you're on an '80s music kick, it's best to avoid sunglasses at nightor any glasses, if you don't need them for vision correction.

He reports unequivocally that the Cybermen are on board the Wheel. This seems to pique Jamie's interest a bit and tries to help the Doctor at the controls.

A mental beam is sent from the Cyberman to Vallance, who is then set the task of mentally picturing all of the individuals on the Wheel. Corwyn completes the Doctor's physical exam and pronounces him healthy.

She tells Zoe that it is her training as a para-psychologist that made her so emotionless and says it doesn't really matter. The crewman leaves to obey the order and Duggan turns back, trying to find his "billybug". He is of course wrong about that. The Doctor joins them quickly to hear about Zoe's new calculations. Jamie protests that he didn't mean to do this.