analysis of English B

Throughout the poem, the speaker wrestles with the meaning of truth and whether two people as different as they are can view it the same way. Each one is incomplete without the other. Arts provided a mirror to reflect the racial profiling of society. The 'Harlem Y' was declared to be a 'National Historic Landmark' in 1976, and 'New York City Landmark in 1998. He communicates with Harlem, the abode of the Black Renaissance. The college that Hughes is speaking of in his poem is not Columbia University. He was also one of the innovators of jazz poetry. The writer wonders, "So will my page be colored that I write?".

He says 'That's American'. By the end of the poem, readers have a clear view of the speaker's identity and goals. The narrator is a resident of Harlem. The mention of an English B underlines the existence of an English A, that renders the English A default-the standard one. Theme, ultimately, "Theme for English B" addresses the commonalities that exist in spite of prejudice. The whiteness constitutes the aspect of being white, the writing over it symbolizes the quality of being coloured. While he feels like an anomaly at school, he fits in within Harlem, which is where he is most content. This, at times, is not what both of them want, but it remains a fact.