the Art of time management

Understanding how behaviours contribute, procrastination and the Time Bandits, reviewing personal time wasters and procrastination. Impeccable time management and personal approach to the customer needs, these are the main principles of the lifestyle management, going to replace the usual concierge service. My schedule looking at personal daily scheduling. Who will this course benefit? Dealing with other people and delegation. Time Triage, personal time targets, addressing the art of saying "no". Even though I am still in the middle of a very time/work development of Temperament in Children intensive real life situation (and thus quite frankly didn't draw at all for way too long I figured I should allocate more of my remaining free time to artistic projects again (yay)!

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Creating Time Logs identifying the realities of our time. It will help delegates to understand how to maximise their time and achieve more as a result. Furthermore I have an almost finished commission waiting in my digital artists workshop for quite some time now. The Art of Time Management by John Bird. Getting it right, not just doing it right. Understanding personal priorities (whats important linking goals with Important and Urgent. Action Planning, coaching time benefits and actions.