influences on Darwin

he differed in opinion on Malthuss idea of the increase of population. The uniformitarian view influenced Darwin to see things as they happen today (breeding which could be seen in nature as an extremely slow natural process as natural selection in the evolution of species. Evolution was Darwins first key influence. Lamarck proposed: That by selective use or disuse of organs, organisms acquired or lost certain traits during their lifetime.

He states that no one with an education questions the legitimacy of Darwins theories which he believes are regarded as fact now. Malthus was an influence through his book on the population principle. Lamarck did not know: how traits are inherited. Darwin agreed with Lyells uniformitarian theories, and the uniformitarian understanding helped Darwin explain the elements of natural selection. Influences on Darwin, lamarcks Evolution, which of the following scientists proposed the hypothesis of selective use and disuse? What makes a theory? If nature the Sinister Macbeth makes selections without help this leaves no room for dominant design, claims Mayr. This would be called the struggle for existence. Earth is many millions of years old.

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