conflict In Organizations

happen in daily life in families, in organisations, political parties, associations because no two people are created equal and has different motivations, desires, values, targets and goals. Role ambiguity: A role reflects a set of activities associated with a certain position in the organization. Horizontal conflict occurs because of interdependence among the parties concerned in the work situations and /or the common pooled resourced shared. Scarcity of resources: When individuals and units must share such resources as capital, facilities, staff assistance, and so on, and these resources are scarce and there is high competition for them then conflict can become quite tense. Staff units are generally in an advisory capacity and support the line function. According to Sashkin and Morris organizations are made up of many different groups that must work together towards the accomplishment of common objectives. Changing the structure of an organization is an effective method of stimulating conflict.

conflict In Organizations

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What kinds of conflicts can arise in organization?

Now read the article. Conflict in an, organization. According to Sashkin and Morris organizations are made up of many different groups that must work together.

Any conflict is harmful. The fewer the buffers or inventories for the resources shared. Intra-personal conflict generally arises because of between individual goal and organizational goal and other situation where there is widespread uncertainty and scarcity of acceptable alternatives. For example, production department would be a line unit in a manufacturing organization and sales department would be considered line unit in a customer oriented service organization. In order to achieve the super ordinate goal, conflicting parties sink their differences and cooperate together. Sources of Conflict in Organizations, in organizations, conflicts can be intra-personal, inter-personal, intra-group or intra-organizational in nature. . From an organizational behavior point of view, there is conflict between the goals of the formal organization and the psychological growth of the individual. Confrontation may aggravate the struggle and contribute little to finding out innovative or constructive solutions acceptable to all.

Four Types of, conflict in, organizations
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