character Analysis of Lord Jim and Macbeth

men are able to redeem themselves prior to their deaths. Jim feels sorrow for what has happened to Dain Waris and acknowledges the rage that Doramin would feel. He hath taken it upon his own head, a voice said aloud. When the reader is then told that Jim becomes "Tuan Jim" or "Lord Jim Conrad drives the dramatic motion of the novel by causing curiosity regarding how Jim will attain this title. In Act I, show more content. For a majority of Jim s life, he was engulfed in personal shame for jumping from the Patna and leaving so many people behind. Now, as the sudden and strange vibration occurs beneath the ship, the situation leads us to ask: will Jim be able to prove his difference? He shed his former guise and expressed what he truly wanted to become.

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When Macduff tells Macbeth that he was no actually born of woman, Macbeth realizes that the three witches have lied to him about his mortality and that he will die. Confronting their ultimate demise was their final opportunity to do just this. In their respective stories, Jim and Macbeth face the lies that dictated their lives and, consequentially, die with some of the dignity and honor that they had once experienced in their lives. At night, as Jim contemplates the Arabian Sea from the bridge of the steamer, the speed steady, and the human landscape of passengers asleep, fathers and sons, beneath him, he considers his romantic dreams-"the success of his imaginary achievements" (18). Both Macbeth and Jim were victims of unfortunate surroundings that led to extreme psychological anguish for the two men. Jim is "chief mate of a fine ship, without ever having been tested" (12). The feeling of awe was soon replaced by admiration. Marlow is proud of Jim for being able to overcome his lifelong lie jean Paul Sartre and the Framework of Freedom about the Patna and for becoming a man. Two years of training and life on the sea pass, and Jim feels let down by the humdrum nature of his experiences. How will he move from being a dreaming young man to the man running from his past and then a man with the title "Lord Jim"? As Gentleman Brown said, Jim was a hollow man.

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character Analysis of Lord Jim and Macbeth

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