hello dog and cat and man

my feet. I love being bare foot. Let the boxing begin as seen in the video below and lets be clear, the cat started. (Note: You will see two small black rectangles in my cut file.

Old Dog, New Tricks, use RealPlayer to download your favorite dog videos to your computer and watch them any time. WHY THE funniest DOG videos will WIN. Preheat your sock by pressing it with your Easy Press or iron first, then position your iron ons onto your socks (see my note above step 1 about the direction of the words. Flip your socks over and press again from the back side of your sock. I love using a weeding tool and my Bright Pad for this. The other day I was putting on one of my favorite pairs and I noticed that it had a hole in the bottom. Pre-heat your socks before applying your heat transfer vinyl. Muggle In The Streets Socks, apparently these are known as If You Can Read This Socks because the first people who made them put sayings like If You Can Read This Bring Me A Beer and If You Can Read This Bring Me A Glass. Okay, occasionally cats and dogs do get along, but sometimes they can be the worst of foes, and this often creates an ideal scenario for a funny video.

Of mice and man, On Human Humor and Irony,