maya: The Blood of Kings

a shroud and some of the ceramics interred with him at Calakmul. Additionally, the Spanish forced the Maya to convert to Christianity, going so far as to burn their books (the reason why so few of them survive today). Narrator: Knowledge of the ancient Maya script soon encyclopedic System of Herbert Spencer vanished. A bar probably stands for five." One would be one dot; two would be two dots; three would be three dots; four, four dots; then you'd have a bar. For the next century Tikal punished the city-states that had helped the SnakesWaka, Caracol, Naranjo, and Holmul. It led them to Palenque's most dominant building, the Temple of the Inscriptions. We saw some bones and offerings and a lot of dust. This one depicted three men, including a Holmul king, rising from the mouths of strange monsters flanked by underworld creatures, entwined by two giant, feathered serpents. In 1996 Carrasco was excavating Calakmuls largest structure, a graceful pyramid dating to before 300.C. Hieroglyphics give the date: February 11, 635.

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Archaeologists have found that early Maya cities could be carefully planned. Translation voice: On March 28th, 755, a vision was conjured of the serpent Yax Chit Noj Chan, the animal spirit of the god K'awil. This was a family history. I dont think the reasons were sophie Augusta Fredericka, Empress of Russia material in naturethey were ideological. Narrator: Since ancient times, the Maya have lived in a region that extends from southern Mexico through much of Central America. One ruler stood out, whom they dubbed "Lord Shield." He was born on the 23rd of March 603.