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still one problem that has not been completely resolved: the problem of language. It placed its orders instead with a French firm employing a number of Farsi speakers. PL/B is a modern business-oriented language, used throughout the world, that is simple to learn but capable of performing complex applications such as editors, data encryption programs and even PL/B compilers. Much of the unique spirit of PL/B is seen in the source code files. Because cobol and other contemporary languages could not deal with the display and keyboard, and because the languages probably would not fit in the available memory, Datapoint invented databus, its proprietary version of the PL/B programming language.

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DOS, Unix, Linux, and, windows operating systems. X3J15 - PL/B Programming Language. The various functions and programming. The success of PL/B is reflected by the number of compilers available. A British company: a) employed a French firm to do its translating; b) lost an important contract; c) employed several translators.

PL/B (Databus) is actively used all over the world, and has several forums on the Internet dedicated to supporting software developers. Equipped with statistical program languages like R, Business Analytics currently enjoys a significant role for the smooth functioning of business enterprises. About the Course: The certificate course on Business Analytics Using R, is devised for the aspiring analytics professionals and students, who wish to build a strong foundation in Business Analytics in India. The Accredited Standards Committee - X3J15 Technical Committee came about because of the significant investments in (and loyalty to) the PL/B language. All the constructs of modern programming languages have been incrementally added to the language. A version of databus became. Portions of the following paragraphs concerning the origin and spirit of PL/B are drawn from the two publications.