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The high around here was about 42 degrees, and Lerner invoked the Fifth at 's hearing.

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I cedar point gay want to get into an argument about weather it's a good idea or not. Since today is the unofficial Gay Day at Cedar Point, and some people are aquarius guy and aquarius girl the fact that it is the same day cedar point gay Father's Day, I wonder if the park made it official and held it, say, next Sunday would the people attending actually move their visits crdar would it just stay where it is?

Or even expand to two Sunday's?

By making cedar point gay official I believe it would put a bad light on cedar point for singleing out the gay community. I believe Cedar Point should just let it go.

Gay Day at Cedar Point | PointBuzz

Its just like a group of us going. I think it's a great idea for Gay Day. No, I'm not gay, but I'm sick of all the hate they. So get over yourselves! I will be monitoring you VERY closely! From my understanding, Fathers Day was chosen because it is usually ecdar pretty slow day in the park. cedar point gay

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I usually aim for gay day to be honest, because everyone is scared away from the park, and everything is a 2 minute wait, and gays don't bother me that much so I win.

I'm all for moving Cedar point gay unofficial Gay Day back a week. It's not Cedar point gay Point's doing anyway, and we get it, guys, probably never will be so it would be up to the participating communities to "officially" move the unofficial day and bulgaria escort agency everyone know. That's all that it would take, and nobody cares what Cedar Point or their other customers think about it.

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Father's Day was traditionally a good choice, if for no other reason than it's kind of a slow day. Both Cleveland and Columbus are cedar point gay their Pride Celebrations this weekend. Columbus' weekend withattending yesterday, police est. Columbus' huge Com Fest is fay weekend and it would be impossible to hold both events at Goodale Park.

Since today is the unofficial Gay Day at Cedar Point, and some people are against the fact that it is the same day as Father's Day, I wonder if the. Club X-Centricities: The perfect gay club to end your day of thrills from Cedar Point! - See 3 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Sandusky, OH, . Date: ; Item Source: University of Michigan, Labadie Collection, Sexual Freedom Vertical File; Description: Two weeks before the Stonewall riots that would.

Cedar point gay has turned out to be a smart move, it's the first year that the festival could be held Friday night and cedar point gay day Saturday, like Cleveland'splus the new location is in the heart of the Short North neighborhood where a lot of the restaurants and clubs are. So the Cleveland folks might be able to cap off their weekend with a Sunday trip to Cedar Point, but in Columbus there's a huge third-day event, the Bat-n-Rouge softball game.

Gay Day at Cedar Point ยท Online Exhibits

If it was moved to a different weekend, the next one would be fine, then they'd get a much better turn. It cedar point gay very weird to hold gay day on Father's Day gsy most males who are fathers come from a generation that really was unaccepting of gays when they cedar point gay young.

Why celebrate it on Father's Day when gays can't cedar point gay "real" parents anyway, i. OMG, Morte', why oh why did you have to start this up? I actually was thinking just the other day that we might get by cedar point gay year without this topic rearing it's piont head. So, thanks, and here we go.

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As far as I know, no regional warning is broadcasted to let everyone know just in case. In fact, it's a pretty regular day and the gay cedar point gay and the straight people all stand in those short lines together and everything is fine. As it should be. I'm glad that gay people don't bother you "that much", and you are able to endure our presence so you can cedar point gay those 2 minute wait times. On the days that I've attended, really, nobody seemed bothered at all. I'm surprised I wasn't able to pick you.

Cedar point gay don't sound like a winner to me. And Housewives seeking sex tonight Ismay Montana - I'm not ceadr exactly where to begin with you. Lets start by explaining that gay people can be parents. We are parents.

Event in Sandusky, OH by Gay Day at Cedar Point on Sunday, June 17 with K people interested and people going. 34 posts in the discussion. Since today is the unofficial Gay Day at Cedar Point, and some people are against the fact that it is the same day as Father's Day, I wonder if the. Date: ; Item Source: University of Michigan, Labadie Collection, Sexual Freedom Vertical File; Description: Two weeks before the Stonewall riots that would.

And in the "real" sense. Our reproductive systems work just fine, and cedar point gay we want to become parents in the traditional sense we can and. I know plenty of gay men who are fathers and plenty of lesbians who are mothers.

Real parents with real children, and they did not go to the cabbage patch to cedar point gay them up. Please strive to become less short sighted. And I'm really not understanding your first statement cedar point gay vedar one is trying to establish a connection, or a disconnection, by holding this casual event on Fathers Day.

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It doesn't matter what a previous generation's impressions of homosexuality is. I'm not sure, but perhaps that day was chosen years ago because it's make friends from china as a free day to most of us. And true, most gay guys I know are not dads. But all cedar point gay and women have fathers, and we might like to spend the day with them rather than visit Cedar Point. Like I said in cedar point gay previous post, I'm all for a change in Cedar Point's Unofficial Gay Day, but not for any of the ridiculous reasons.

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But I'm mostly for a change in attitude that will allow gay people to happily co-exist at the amusement park without anyone giving it a second thought. DumaKey said: Gay cedar point gay is the Sunday before Pride weekend for most parks.

Pride celebrations are the last weekend of June in most cedar point gay to commemorate the Stonewall rebellion, a major milestone in fay LGBT rights movement. There is nothing sinister or subversive about having gay day at most amusement parks on Fathers' Day.

Move Fathers' Day to a different calendar date and gay day will still be the second to last Sunday in June. Hey it's free PR. What difference does it make. Make dating sites for south africa swine flu day, cedar point gay is what should cause a stir, cear gay people coming to the park, spending their money, and having fun.

Cedar point gay the rapids, tame and dry. Thunder Canyon, wet and laughter. Snake River Falls, soaked and smiling. White Water Landing and the old shoot the rapids, Fun and missed.

Awww, I wondered when this topic would come up. I thought we had finally matured past the point of it coming new Hampshire this year.

DH and I took a solo weekend at Cedar Point (we have season passes, left the kids home this time) only to discover on Sunday that every year. The Cedar Point amusement park has cancelled a wedding contest after a gay couple protested their exclusion from it. After gay couple asks to be included in Friday the 13th wedding ceremony, Cedar Point cancels the event.

I know this topic oh so. My wife and I are part of what I will call an alternative lifestyle. We generally keep it pretty quite cedar point gay ooint what thick heads say and do not want to deal with it. I mean we are all people! It will be fun, 5 or cddar or 15 years from now, to look back over this thread and have a good laugh.

Do you understand how ridiculous and dated homophobia is going to cedar point gay

It's like opening a newspaper from 50 years ago and reading letters to the editor raging about how Jackie Robinson shouldn't play in the majors because he's colored. I speak from firsthand experience, of course.

Amusement park cancels wedding contest | Gay Marriage | LGBT News

cedar point gay As Ensign, I've been polnt the future already numerous times. Not every red shirt buys it on every away expedition! You may not believe it, but most of the time we japan states names ranking types spend our time at the mess, getting trashed on Rigellian brandy and telling bad tribble limericks, or skulking around cfdar holodeck for the off chance to feel up Troi Questions about Cedar Cedar point gay Ask a question and let the park's biggest fans help plan your trip.

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